New Green Deal Corporation is putting together some of the most powerful environmental tools in the race toward carbon neutrality. With an array of sister companies and partner organizations, NGD Corporation looks forward to modernizing landfills, making them efficient, reusable, and environmentally friendly in many different ways.

NGD Corporation has actively inculcated high-end technology in its model to provide transparency to the most minuscule detail and project parallel importance towards humanitarian projects through its non-profit arms.

In a nutshell, NGD provides solutions for efficient waste management, carbon neutrality, financial literacy, and a brighter future for everyone involved.


1. $NGDT Tokens are the most powerful as they derive revenue earnings from both: 0,05% from NGDE Corporation Tokens and 30% from NGDF Corporation Tokens.

2. $NGDE and $NGDF Tokens derive no value from $NGDT Tokens.

3. ERC 1404 complaint Security Token.

4. Fixed Supply.

5. Transfers are limited to only whitelisted wallets (Only Accredited Investors can buy /sell).

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