NGD Whitepaper


The NGD business model is effectuated through the establishment and operation of the following group of specialized affiliated entities under the common ownership of the New Green Deal Corporation parent company.
NGD Consortium
NDG Labs
The IT and consultancy services arm provides technological solutions, upgrades, and support to the NGD Consortium ecosystem.
IT & Tech Consultancy
An online platform that acts as a carbon credit exchange platform leverages the $NGDE and $NGDO, security tokens.
Carbon Credit Exchange Platform
NGDE is the landfill operations arm that helps u the NGD Consortium ecosystem modernize and create sustainable landfills through the application of the ALBS.
Landfill Modernization
NGD Financial Corporation providing parent child bank cards by consuming banking, various embedded financial services and focused on higher education to support to the NGD Consortium ecosystem.
International FinTech
Net0air is a 501(c)4 civic organization designed to promote the social welfare of a cleaner and sustainable environment through grassroots organizing of concerned citizens to carry their message of environmental sustainability to their elected representatives to effect positive legislative change.
Non - Profit (climate change advocacy)
Edu ReFi
Edu ReFi is the brand name arm of NGD Financial Corporation
Domestic US FinTech
Distributed, Decentralized Search Engine – New way to getting paid for both your online and offline activity.
DeFi Search Engine
Communities For Education (CFE) is an educational crowdfunding non-profit 501(c)3 foundation of boots on the ground warriors providing enhanced services and products to the local communities where NGD landfill projects reside.
Dual Crowdfunding &
Brain Trust Earth
Brain Trust Earth (BTE) supports the NGD Consortium membership base. BTE is made up of some of the world’s brightest minds within various industry all working towards adding enhanced NGD membership growth and benefits.
Human Capital Investment
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