What is our target market?

NGD targets recently-closed or soon-to-be-closed landfills to be upgraded using our exclusive rights to ALBS technology and monetizing the carbon credits associated with the carbon offset generated through the significant methane reduction the ALBS makes possible.

What is the size of this market?

Statistics from the USEPA databases show that as of 2022, there are around 1259 landfills in California, including previously capped brownfields that fall outside our current target market. This leaves us with 602 landfills in California available for upgradation in the near future.

How is the carbon compliance market significant?

A stunning rally in Carbon Credits took place this year as the European Union took center stage for carbon offset credits.[2] Carbon allowances for the EU (ETS), the largest regulated market for carbon credits, reported a diminishing number of allowances with the remainder auctioned off. Market prices have consistently risen since 2018 and recently traded at €89.60, up from €34 a year ago. The State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2021 report shows that in August 2021, voluntary carbon markets had $748.2M in sales for a total of 239.3 million credits. This is a 58% year-to-date jump in value and a growth in credit volume of 27% over 2020.

In the Fall of last year, a survey suggested the carbon offset market was set to cross $1 billion for the first time with an all-time market value of $6.7 billion. [3] The absence of oversight in the carbon offset industry makes it difficult to measure performance and thus adds uncertainty to that market. Our monitoring technology partnerships, combined with our unique blockchain-based solution, is the answer to the existing lack of oversight and transparency.

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