The NGDF Ecosystem

What is NGD Financial?

NGDF with its functional service units such as EduRefi is a financial services branch of NGD. NGDF provides services such as personalized debit cards for children while also helping them acquire tax-deductible educational savings accounts to help save for their future education. In partnership with NGDE and NGD’s non-profit organization, Communities for Education, landfill projects contribute up to 5% of revenues to the accounts of children in the landfill project-tethered communities.

NGDF debit card features

NGD debit cards are all tied to parental-controlled and parental-approved bank accounts with features such as spending controls, savings goals, transaction alerts, automated allowances, spending reports, and automated features to help teach personal finance management (PFM) at an early age while providing the parent early financial educational familiarization tools and the ability to help control finances. Each child is provided a kid’s page. Their chores can be set up by the parent and an allowance can be provided to the child once completed.

Kid’s gigs can also be set up like an a la carte menu that the child’s investors can use such as washing the neighbors’ windows, walking the neighbor’s pets, washing family and or friends’ cars, etc. This provides the child with a way to earn money, teaches entrepreneurship at an early age, and provides for early financial responsibility as the money is funded directly to the child’s DDA.

How does NGDF provide investment opportunities to children and their parents?

Parents have the option to invest any percentage of the money being donated by their loved ones through the CFE crowdfunding platform into various NGDE projects bringing them long-term investment benefits as well as giving them a sense of contribution to the betterment of our environment through earth-centered NGDE Projects

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