Regenerative Finance

What is regenerative finance?

Regenerative Finance unifies local communities by identifying untapped revenue streams that can be redirected back into that same community. By modernizing each community's landfill with our patented ALBS technology, leveraging national Cap and Trade markets, and offering investment in carbon credits, we allow local communities to clean up the local environment and allow residents to fund their children's education.

To compete in today's highly competitive market, financial services providers cannot simply attempt to offer more of the same. Services must be integrated, and accessible, and offer perks that go well beyond simple financial management. The banking and financial industries for decades have been ripe for an overhaul. The introduction of blockchain technology has provided the tools for this disruption but no organization has found a way to onboard the masses.

While decentralized finance (Defi) explodes worldwide, the one thing that eludes projects is encouraging traditional Fiat customers into the mix. A unique and incentivized method is needed to encourage those not in the crypto economy to join the fold. Most traditional banks do not offer crypto transaction services. Most crypto-related projects do not have a seamless method of attracting those outside the market.

NGDF Corporation, under the banner of EduRefi, has developed a solution that will onboard the masses, and create a new banking system that integrates traditional banking services with cryptocurrency technology, while funding children’s futures and moving the planet towards Carbon Neutrality.

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