Net Zero Air Corporation (NZA) is NGD’s non-profit 501(c)4 civic organization designed to promote the social welfare of a cleaner and sustainable environment through grassroots organizing of concerned citizens to carry their message of environmental sustainability to their elected representatives to effect positive legislative change.

Together they represent an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiative of “Tied Industries."

Ner0Air does not believe municipalities can reach carbon neutrality without landfill modernization. Human waste produces the 2nd most amount of toxic contamination on our planet behind deforestation and human modification of the earth. Our processes eliminate over 95% of the methane gas coming from our landfills which is where most all human consumption waste is placed.

With artificial intelligence, toll-free numbers, radio, television, newspaper, editorial, online campaigns, and local organizers, Net Zero moves people into action in support of the NGD Consortium.

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