Resurgence Force Earth

The NGD consortium plans to build a fortified resurgence force of boots-on-the-ground warriors, volunteers, leaders, ambassadors, and influencers at multiple levels to harness the power of teamwork and generate a nationally and internationally recognizable voice for our cause. The plan also encompasses the induction of various organizations as sustainability partners that will help further reinforce the execution of environmental causes.

The project will require many skilled, smart, and hard-working hands to push it forward and make it immensely successful, and what better choice do we have than the people for whom we are trying to bring a change?

NGD is removing the additional cost associated with carbon neutrality in all processes while providing a financial incentive to all, regardless of position on global warming. We will provide cleaner air and water, removing the overwhelming smell of the landfill and recapturing lands (previously dump sites). Landfill modernization prevents digging more giant, smelly, toxic trash pits from being needed repeatedly in the future. The end goal is to reach carbon neutrality in a manner that is not only cost-effective but one that pays back the community.

Joining Resurgence Force Earth

The Resurgence Force Earth emblem is used as a watermark and is placed across all sites within the NGD Consortium and/or partner sites and into emails and social media. On hover, it displays the Net-Zero scales with a Donate, Joins, Share, or Vote button depending on our needs at the time and the relationship we have with the 3rd party organizations or politicians we are raising money for.

State Level

All the landfill modernization projects that fall under a single state (tethered to individual communities) will be under the close observation of a state-level team consisting of 500 people per state.

The state-level team will also have a pre-defined hierarchy of designations that will allow it to function seamlessly. The state-level team will aim to provide the community-level warriors with guidance and assistance at every step of the project.

National Level

The National level team will consist of 500 of the ablest and elite forces of leaders, warriors, and superheroes who will serve as the pillars of every single landfill project panning the USA. The members of the national-level team will be at the forefront of the organization including speakers, influencers, and ambassadors who will be capable of bringing about colossal change with their skill sets.

Global Team

The mission of modernizing landfills envisioned by the NGD Consortium does not stop at the borders of the United States of America. Through the job portal, the NGD Consortium plans to initially hire over 50,000 people worldwide to raise a voice for a revenue generating human waste (garbage) disposal solution that saves the earth for a greener tomorrow while also providing higher education funding for all the children across the world.

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