How are carbon credits an inseparable part of the NGD business model?

By merging blockchain with the cap-and-trade market, NGDE Corporation Token ($NGDE) can provide its users with asset-backed future carbon credits in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Carbon credits for ALBS projects are derived from the following process: The baseline measurements of a targeted landfill mass at a given place and time are compared to a subsequent measurement taken at a later date in order to obtain the remaining methane mass. The difference in tonnage dictates the number of carbon credits created. The implementation of the Blockchain and NFTs secures the value of the carbon credit for the token holders.

Therefore, when NGDE Corporation carbon credits are triple verified by qualified third-party entities, the associated $NGDE Tokens can be used to purchase NGD-NFTs that hold intrinsic value via an associated unique blockchain key identifier assigned to each NGD-NFT. Each project will take one year for development, and one year to harvest the carbon offset credits. Together, next-generation technologies can fund and implement world change and a greener planet.

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