New Green Deal Corporation and its subsidiaries (NGD) have aligned to develop a cleaner planet, provide investment opportunities for its members, and help fund children’s education in local communities worldwide. NGD’s patented Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS), combined with its unique embedded financial services model, allows communities and families to move continuously closer to carbon neutrality while at the same time funding children’s education.

Leon Green, NGD’s environmental team lead, has been developing ALBS technology applicable to landfills in different environments since the early 1990s. His efforts have resulted in relevant patents and protocols used to harness carbon offsets that are monetized in Cap-and-Trade markets. These protocols are recognized by both the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the United Nations (UN), and would take years to replace with alternative technology, if at all possible. This ALBS technology eliminates over 95% of methane gas (CH4) and stops it from ever reaching the atmosphere. Methane gas is over 23 times more toxic to our atmosphere than carbon dioxide (C02). [1]

The patented ALBS technology, combined with our unique business model, provides a solution to greenhouse gas emissions at no cost to the landfill operator or local community. This is done by allowing landfill owners to keep all tipping fees, providing funding for childhood education, and giving a significant return for our investors through a series of revenue-sharing models with allocations to various tokens to scale its growth worldwide.

Each time a garbage truck passes into a landfill, a portion of the fees generated from that process are deposited into the accounts of NGD Financial account holders. With each community footprint, NGD expands the ecosystem globally for support and services, adding to the overall value of the $NGDT token.

Additionally, the NGD model allows families to fund their children’s future education opportunities with just the swipe of a debit card. With every use of the card, a portion of the fee revenue generated from the card transaction is used to enhance children’s education. This is an excellent opportunity and method for the entire family to contribute to that education fund. A tool for true community change, NGD affects every community citizen, and embraces the “love of our children”.

NGD supports both 501(c)3, and 501(c)4 non-profit corporations to be utilized as the “Voice for a Greener Planet” to explain the immediate need for policy change to our legislative representatives. It is impossible for a municipality to reach carbon neutrality without embracing landfill modernization. The NGD group of companies works together to revolutionize the way families take care of their children’s futures while doing their part to help save the planet.

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