How are methane emissions different from CO2 emissions?

Methane gas is 23x stronger than CO2. Methane is a powerful climate pollutant responsible for roughly 50% of the net rise in global average temperature dating back to the pre-industrial age.

Reducing methane emissions from waste and other industries is regarded as the single most effective strategy to limit warming and improve public health. The ALBS eliminates over 95% of the methane gas released from the average landfill while producing a 0% carbon footprint (unlike the production of wind turbines and solar panels that create a carbon footprint during production itself), and can be installed at any Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill anywhere in the world. Each remediated landfill eliminated is equivalent to removing millions of vehicles from the roads. ALBS is virtually odorless and eliminates 100% of the contaminated groundwater from seeping into water tables.

Estimated annual methane emissions by region and sector.

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