The NGDE Ecosystem

What is NGDE?

NGDE is the landfill modernization arm of the New Green Deal Corporation. Each landfill modernization cell is tethered to a new NGDE project which in turn mints $NGDE tokens. A new token is launched for each community landfill offering investors and their families locally and internationally to buy low at the beginning of a new project designed to provide for their and their children’s futures. The sale of $NGDE tokens helps fuel the initiation of further landfill modernization projects in what can be seen as an autopilot mechanism.


For each carbon credit generated, NGD creates a digital certificate that proves that a company or an environmental project prevented the emission of 1 ton of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in a given year. With $NGDE, holders can buy government-approved carbon credits that will be sold as NFTs. In addition, there will be crowdfunding for green projects and a community built around supporting and funding education.

Carbon Credits and the NGDE token $NGDE

Each new landfill project and its associated tonnage of annual human waste will have an associated Token minted and made available to the markets for purchase. These can only be bought with $NGDE tokens. This helps to fund the development of each new landfill project which provides the resources a community needs to build consensus in support of carbon neutrality and funds the higher education of all the children within the community. A small .05% of the revenues earned by the landfill is put back into the New Green Deal Corporation $NGDT token.

Reserve Fund

The reserve fund is set aside to protect our investors from volatility in the crypto market. If the chart takes an unexpected dip that significantly affects our token holders, we will use the reserve fund to buy back $NGDT tokens and keep the chart steady. The funds received from the private sale will be used in the reserve fund. Note: The recent dip in the cryptocurrency values and stock markets, in general, have NOT affected the price in the carbon markets.

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