Landfill Modernization Through ALBS

What is landfill modernization through ALBS?

ALBS technology represents a novel way of treating waste inside a capped landfill through continuous maintenance of a specialized environment inside the landfill that promotes microbial growth that in turn catalyzes the rate of biodegradation and virtually eliminates the production and release of methane into the environment.

By modernizing landfills with the ALBS technology, the release of methane gas into the atmosphere can be effectively cut down by over 95%. With US landfills producing over 109.3 million metric tons of methane every year, a 95% reduction would significantly combat global warming. The introduction of the ALBS system into MSW landfills would have a direct impact on the environmental issues that California, the United States, and the whole world face. [11]

How does NGD effectuate this modernization?

NGD, through its affiliate, Net0Air, a 501(c)4 advocacy branch, has initiated a legislative proposal called the “CALMSEA-TaxfreeCNP” California Adopted Landfill Modernization to Support Education Act - A Tax-Free Carbon Neutrality Plan”. This proposal mandates that all eligible landfills upgrade their operations by integrating our patented ALBS system. This allows NGD to help modernize landfills through a state-wide state-backed program.

ALBS Patent Details

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations recognize the ALBS with CDM Methodology Numbers "AM0083 & AM0025". ALBS uses protocols established by US Patent 5,888,022. Further detailed documents regarding the patents and applied projects under the ALBS system are available at

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